Resources: Action on the Policy Front

The ANC initiative undertook strategic action research in order to facilitate improved living conditions in five Canadian neighbourhoods, especially with respect to housing, substance abuse, safety, literacy, employment and learning technologies. Two complementary policy activities formed a key element of the over-all initiative. Both activities focused on building relationships among government and community members working towards improved neighbourhood revitalization.

The first component was a Policy Dialogue – thirteen in-person sessions that explored topics such as horizontal file management between government departments and "issues from the field" – policy-related challenges the five ANC neighbourhoods identify through their individual projects. A Policy Forum formed one of these sessions.

Three research papers were written as the second component of the policy work. These papers explored selected topics from the in-person sessions in order to deepen the learning.

The policy action was facilitated by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy.

For more information, please contact Anne Makhoul at or 613-729-3453.

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