Bridgeview is a small part of a very large city. Surrey will soon overtake Vancouver as the largest city in British Columbia, but the neighbourhood of Bridgeview (population 1,895) has often been overlooked, as it is geographically isolated from the rest of Surrey.

Bridgeview’s physical isolation has a positive side. It helped create strong bonds among residents who learned to devise homemade remedies to the challenges they faced. However, close relationships can also appear exclusive. Some residents felt Bridgeview’s main community organization, the Community Hall, was unresponsive to local concerns, as the hall’s board tried to cover costs by renting to outside groups.

The committee formed for the ANC initiative, “Bridgeview in Motion,” included several Community Hall board members and was instrumental in reviving regular community cleanups, and initiating new programs including:

  • Movie matinée events
  • A Chinese New Year celebration
  • Early literacy programs
  • Facilities and programs for youth at risk
  • New programs and parent involvement at the local school

Now, more people are interested and involved with the Community Hall; election meetings that in past years garnered less than 20 voters, attracted 80 people in 2006.

Action grants from ANC also served to:

  • Retrofit the Hall’s kitchen
  • Build a walking track for seniors and parents with children
  • Establish sports and cultural activities for children that will provide opportunities for their parents to socialize

ANC has brought to the fore a conflict between established relationships and traditions, and the needs of the entire neighbourhood. Having broken its old habits, Bridgeview is demonstrating its resilience and ability to adapt. Its residents are beginning to see that they have the capacity to build a neighbourhood where all can feel welcome.

Key Contacts

Linda Western
Planning Consultant
United Way of the Lower Mainland
4543 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4T4
Tel: 604-268-1300 x 2252
Fax: 604-293-0010

Action for Neighbourhood Change was in operation from 2005-2007. This site exists to capture and share the learnings that emerged from this initiative, but new material is no longer being added on a regular basis. ANC is not responsible for the content of external links, which may change; however, if you find a broken link, please let us know.

Bridgeview lies at the bottom of a valley on a flat, largely open piece of land bounded by the four-lane Pattullo Bridge, the four- and six-lane King George Highway, the Fraser River and an industrial park. A 1976 National Film Board video entitled, “Some People Have to Suffer” documented Bridgeview’s 24-year struggle (1953 to 1977) with the municipality of Surrey to replace open sewage ditches with a sewer system. More...

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